About Me

For Michael Chavira, Managing Partner of Axiologic Solutions, there's nothing better in life than growth, positive change, and innovation. This systems engineer has dedicated his career to serving his country in more ways than one. A combination of brains and bronze, Chavira has plans for the future that could change the world in the coming decade.

More than an Engineer

Michael Chavira has over a decade and a half of experience working in the fields of:

Sensor development and integration

Systems engineering

Enterprise architecture

Data Science

Where did he get his start and work experience? Was it an internship at a big engineering firm? Or a graduate program? Not quite. Early on, Chavira set his sights on helping defend the United States and serving his country. Not wanting a normal 9-5 job after graduating from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Chavira pursued a military career first by attending the US Navy’s Officers Candidate School (OCS) in Pensacola, FL.

OCS members are put through a rigorous combination of physical and academic testing. Only a selective few have the ability to successfully complete OCS training and become part of the world's finest military. Chavira was a successful candidate for the Navy, and entered the Navy as a nuclear officer and later an intelligence officer. It was as an officer in the Navy that he got his first taste in leadership, management. Chavira still carries with him the values of the Navy, which include honor, courage, leadership, and collaboration, as a Managing Partner at Axiologic Solutions.

A Colorful Career

Before beginning Axiologic Solutions, Michael Chavira worked to protect the country's U.S. Army soldiers through work at Booz Allen Hamilton as a systems engineer. It was here that Chavira learned the importance of focusing on the human component of complex systems. Often, the military is working through large acquisitions and developing complex systems, but by not focusing on the end user, these systems are often not operating to full capacity or as efficiently as possible. This revelation caused Chavira to start thinking of creating a company and how he would operate it differently if he could. “It was during this period in my life that Tom Stauber and I got to brainstorming about creating a company,” Chavira said. “We wanted to take the lessons we both had learned in our careers and apply them as best we could to being an employee centric company. Since we met at Grad school at UVA, we decided to focus on what we both knew very well and that was systems engineering.”

Over the last decade, Chavira and Stauber have taken the same approach used to providing best in class services to their customers to grow their business and ensure their own internal processes were operating as best as possible. “Over the years, we quickly learned how important it is to improve our business processes as we scaled our company. The same mentality you need to reach your first $1million in sales is far different and requires a different set of skills to run a $20million business.” This realization caused Chavira to look at and speak to other business owners, often those running far larger companies to ask them about the tools and processes they used to run their company. “My thoughts were that if we could adopt some of these tools before we actually needed them, then we would be more successful than our peers during our growth phases”

A Leader in Innovation

Together with Managing Partner Thomas Stauber, also a fellow veteran, Michael Chavira founded Axiologic Solutions, based in Fairfax, VA, in 2009. In his words, Chavira says of the company, "We work with defense contractors to help keep the country safe. We solve challenging problems for the government.” This might seem like an understatement, seeing how Axiologic Solutions plays a vital role in protecting the welfare of the country by working with the defense, intelligence, and government communities.

Chavira and Stauber have made it their mission to work with their clients to achieve the best possible solution to their problems. Chavira began Axiologic Solutions with the goal of focusing on the human component of complex engineering systems. Through closely working with subject matter experts, developing prototypes, and listening to the needs of their clients, Axiologic Solutions is one of the most successful and respected engineering consultants in Northern Virginia.

Accomplishments and Expansion

In December 2020, Chavira was at the forefront of successfully acquiring the Herndon, VA-based intelligence services company Knowledge Link. With the company nearly doubling in size with that acquisition. In April of 2022, Chavira and Stauber successfully completed their second acquisition. Data Intelligence Technologies, a Tysons Corner VA based company bringing a new client set and new capabilities to Axiologic Solutions. In total, Axiologic Solutions is now over a 300 employees and Axiologic Solutions has no plans to slow down. A third acquisition is in the works, further expanding Axiologic Solutions and Chavira's efforts to solve their client's most complex engineering problems.

In addition to the expansion, Axiologic Solutions also has a number of different awards to its name, including:

The 2018 Government Contractor of the Year Award from Small and Emerging Advisory Contractors Forum (SECAF)

Award-winning Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

A 2015, 2016, 2018, & 2019 Washington Technology “Fast 50” Company

A 2018 & 2019 Washington Business Journal 75 Fastest Growing Companies

A 2019 & 2020 Virginia Fantastic 50 Company

Giving Back to the Community

Chavira is much more than a veteran, engineer, and entrepreneur. He is also a believer in education, as education helped him develop his life and grow from being a farmer in beautiful Wyoming alongside his family to being at the forefront of engineering innovations. Chavira is actively involved in the following organizations:

City Kids Wilderness Project Board Member in Washington D.C.

Donor for the Boy Scouts of America and on their Board of Advisors and has recently been named as the nominee for the Whitney Award

Strategic Advisor for the Buffalo Bill Museum of the West

Along with Axiologic Solutions, proud donor to the Children's Science Center of Northern Virginia


In addition to helping other children achieve their educational goals through his charity work, Chavira also believes in the power of higher education to refine his skills. He is a graduate of the following universities:

Bachelor's in mechanical engineering, University of Wyoming

Master's in business administration, University of Massachusetts

Master's in systems engineering, University of Virginia

Master's in finance, American University


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