About Me

Michael Chavira is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Axiologic Solutions in Fairfax, VA, a premier provider of engineering solutions, support, and enhancement services to government clients. He is an accomplished business leader with over 20 years of exceptional performance in Data Science, Systems Engineering and Integration, and Enterprise Architecture. Michael is known for his collaborative leadership style and the ability to build and manage high-performance teams.

Michael is highly skilled in developing and executing strategic plans to achieve business objectives, ensuring alignment with market trends and technological advancements. He is well-versed in identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations in systems engineering, data science, and artificial intelligence. Michael is committed to continuous learning, consistently striving to foster a growth mindset.

At Axiologic, Michael administered the company's expansion from a two-person team to a peak of over 300 employees, achieving a pinnacle revenue of $90 million annually. He managed the firm's financial strategy, focusing on maintaining a healthy balance sheet and exceeding profit margin targets. Michael enabled two strategic acquisitions without external equity. Axiologic acquired and integrated Knowledge Link in Dec 2020, which expanded the company's service offerings and market reach into the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). In 2022, they acquired Data Intelligence Technology, which broadened their customer base further into the Intelligence Community. These acquisitions accelerated the company's growth by an impressive 45%. Michael says about his company: "We work with defense contractors to help keep the country safe. We solve challenging problems for the government. We are vital in protecting the country's welfare by working with the defense, intelligence, and government communities."

Before starting Axiologic Solutions, Michael worked at Booz Allen Hamilton as an Associate Systems Engineer. There, he was able to apply his systems engineering knowledge to develop and integrate sensor systems for the U.S. Army. Here at the consulting firm, Michael learned the importance of focusing on the human component of complex systems and incorporating changes from user feedback.

Michael has also served his country honorably as an officer in the U.S. Navy, first in the U.S. Navy's nuclear submarine fleet and then as an Intelligence Officer. In the Navy, he got his first taste of leadership and management. Michael still carries with him the values of the Navy, which include honor, courage, leadership, and collaboration. Michael Chavira's broad experience in systems engineering, data science, project management, risk management, and team leadership is a differentiator to any position he might attain in the future. He solves problems, drives growth, reduces costs, and improves productivity. Michael is also a "people person" who has mentored many direct reports and colleagues to bring out the best in their performance and engage them in the organization's mission and values. When he's not working, Michael can spend time with his growing family and "rediscover" the world through his children's eyes.


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